Need help with power of attorney when someone lacks compacity?

I've found an affordable solution!
Mobile Notary St George
Jocelyn Waters
17 Year Notary Professional

I can't tell you how many times I have been asked to notarize for people that were no longer competent to sign and because they weren't coherent enough anymore, I had to refer the family to the court system and walk away, unable to help them.  We're trying to help as many people as we can, not be in this situation.

Will's must go through probate court, costing a great deal of time and money.  Having a trust avoids probate and allows much more flexibility and protection.  I've found a solution for this by partnering with LSPN direct.
LSPN Direct is a network of attorneys and financial planning professionals, located across the US, and dedicated to help people get their affairs in order, at a price far less than the normal cost.

The Program

LSPN Direct is a comprehensive network of professionals dedicated to reinforcing sound financial and legal planning strategies.

23+ International Awards

From several publications - including Best US Estate Planning Law Firm

38+ State Licenses

With an expanded network to provide services in all 50 states and 12 countries

110+ Network Attorneys

Attorneys licensed across the United States and Internationally.

12+ Languages

Including Spanish, Chinese, French and more
What's Included In The

Assisted Trust Plan

Revocable Living Trust
A basic trust document addressing the average needs for avoiding probate, transferring assets, and holding title or beneficial interest in your property. More advanced documents if needed would incur an additional cost.
Last Will & Testament
A special type of Will known as a Pour Over Will, which allows assets held outside of the trust at death to be poured into the trust by a court, ensuring that they will be distributed according to your trust.
Financial Power of Attorney
A document allowing someone you trust to manage your accounts, assets, and important decisions for you in the case of emergencies such as incapacity.
Healthcare Documents
We include a medical power of attorney or health care proxy allowing someone you trust to make medical decisions for you in the case of emergencies or incapacity as well as a living Will or health care directive for end of life and life support decisions, and a HIPAA authorization to allow loved ones to receive important medical information in the case of an emergency.
Mobile or Virtual Notary
We send you the documents, signing instructions and contact information for a pre-paid notary service to meet with you and finalize signing and executing your documents.
Funding Assistance
We assist you in preparing transfer documents for your primary residence and assignments of interests for businesses and personal property to your trust. Additional real estate transfer documents can be prepared for $100 per property.

Cost Breakdown

All features above include in either plan

Option 1

One Time Fee

Option 2

Billed Monthly
24 months
st george mobile notary service
Notary Public, Escrow Agent, and Certified Loan Signing Specialist located in St. George Utah.  Serving the Southern Utah region.
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