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What Does Notarization Cost?

The cost for general notarizations are $10 for the first notarization, and $5 for each additional notarization, without travel.
Mobile Notary
Remote Online Notary
Other Services

Mobile Notary

Mobile Notary Services.  The cost of travel starts at $45 and up according to distance. The cost for real estate transactions generally ranges from $40 to $125.

If you exceed 8 notarizations, the subsequent notarization are half-price.

The cost for me to provide you with witnesses is $10 (plus $5 for each additional witness signature) for each witness. If you would like 2 witnesses, there will be an additional $5 charge for coordinating the witnesses. In Utah, the notary can be one of the witnesses for Wills, but you can choose to have 2 witnesses.

Cost for printing: $5 up to 15 pages and .10 per page beyond 15 pages.

Remote Online Notary

Remote Online Notary (RON) Services aka e-notary and digital notary. The cost for Remote Online Notarization (RON) is $25 for the first notarization and $10 for each subsequent notarization.

Other Services

Other services include printing, copying, scanning, emailing, I-9 verifications,($25)  and Apostille facilitation services.  

Scanning and emailing: $5
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Notary Public, Escrow Agent, and Certified Loan Signing Specialist located in St. George Utah.  Serving the Southern Utah region.
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